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Nano Inc
Makes Better Ways for Foodservice

Nano Inc creates very unique, one of a kind technologies that create new and better ways to get things done.

The Reduction Nano

The Reduction Nano, present in both Paradox and Hood & Filter; eliminates grease down to the elements, and has many applications with far reaching results. Each application is one of a kind, far beyond anything cleaning chemicals can do.

The Olfactory Nano.
Fruit Flies, Gnats and the Smell of Food

When it comes to pest control, the #1 complaint in the foodservice industry is fruit flies and gnats. Always has been.

Basically, every approach to getting rid of pests in a restaurant is to kill the pests. It makes sense. But through all the decades of different products made to eliminate these pests, they never fully work. Just somewhat.

These pests are continuously searching for food, and they find it by their keen sense of smell. Not by sight.

The infallible approach to eliminating pests from foodservice facilities is to the attractants
The key is to never have them find the food source. That is what Paradox does. It hides food and drinks from pests, so that they leave looking for food elsewhere.